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Welcome to the Library of Law a website dedicated to providing free legal information. There is no charge to view any information and no charge to publish any contribution.

The site is comprised of Overviews and Articles. Overviews are intended to provide a brief synopsis of a law area or a part of a law area, divided by Country or State. Articles are commentaries on topics within a law area and are also jurisdiction specific. They can also include a note on a recent development or a judicial decision of interest. You can view the Overviews and Articles already contributed by using the drop down menus above or the Search function to the left. These contributions are generously provided on a voluntary basis by the authors and we are grateful for the time that they have taken to do so. To see the Contributors that have already published on the site look under the Contributor tab above.

If you are a professional with a practice in law or a related subject, a law lecturer, or a student and would like to contribute either an Overview or an Article on any area of law or tax please email this to us in a Word format and we will take it from there. Contributing either an Overview or an Article will market your knowledge and expertise to a wider audience and may enable you, in some jurisdictions, to comply with your Continuing Legal Education or Continuing Professional Development requirements. Contributions must be made in English and can be made in one other language.

The development of this site is at an early stage and will only grow organically and be useful if knowledge of it spreads, so please feel free to bring its existence to the attention of any person or body that you feel it might benefit or be of interest to.

We would like to welcome our latest Contributors who are Gerald Clark of Clark Law Firm, PC and Laura Lipp of Ruvolo Law Group, LLC both based in New Jersey.

For further information on the Library of Law please see the "About Us" page.

General News

news > new law website
A new source of qualified Law information launches today.
Date published: 2013-Mar-18

New Contributor Areas

Europe > Austria > Corporate > Company Director Disqualification
The managing director in the Austrian GmbH (LLC): appointment, duties, and disqualification
Date published: 2013-Sep-10
Contributor: Graf Patsch Taucher Rechtsanwaelte GmbH

Europe > Austria > Competition Antitrust > Cartel
Introduction to Austrian Law
Date published: 2013-Mar-27
Contributor: Preslmayr Rechtsanwälte

New Contributor Articles

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