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A new source of Law information


Welcome to the Library of Law our aim is to provide an information point for law in over one thousand seven hundred different legal areas across the globe and in each of the States of the USA.

The Library of Law will be divided into two distinct parts, the practical and the academic.

The practical side will be maintained by individual professionals who work in the areas to which they contribute. If you are a lawyer or other Contributor this website allows you to display your knowledge in your area of expertise and gives you an opportunity to market your skills and knowledge to a wider audience. We do this by offering lawyers the opportunity to provide a brief Overview of the area in which they have an expertise based on their working knowledge and experience.

The academic will allow lawyers, professionals of other disciplines, law lecturers and students the opportunity to post research, articles, publications and other documents of interest which contribute to the overall body of legal Know How.

The site was launched in late 2012 and it will take some time for it to grow organically as information is loaded. We would ask that you be patient with us while this happens and if you are considering contributing please do not be deterred by the amount of content as busy professionals who have committed to contribute will take time to do so. There is further information available under the About Us section detailing the thinking behind the Library of Law.

If you would like to contribute please look at the list of Available Areas for your jurisdiction and follow the procedure under the Become A Contributor tab. If you wish to suggest additional areas of law on which you would like to see us provide information kindly contact us by email and we will include a page for this where we believe that it is relevant.

If you are looking for information to assist with a legal concern or to complete a project we hope that the information in these pages will be of help to you. As the facts of each case are different we would encourage and advise you to consult with an appropriate professional in the area to which your query relates so that you receive direct relevant advice. Please also read our Disclaimer and User Agreement located below before proceeding.

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